‘Deserves to be praised to the skies’

Daily Telegraph

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‘compelling hour of intense drama’


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‘hugely atmospheric, ingeniously staged play with sky high production values’

Edinburgh Guide

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‘visceral, emotional power,’

British Theatre.com

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‘the sadness and the poignancy are shattering’


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‘electrifying recreation of emotional trauma and guilt’
‘giving a starkly horrifying insight into the terrifying job of a bomber crew in WWII’


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‘A remarkable piece of work that will captivate anyone’

Theatre Weekly

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‘A killer play… absolute must see – a bit of a masterpiece actually’


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‘A gripping and unflinching exploration of the mental and emotional cost of war’

‘A quite astonishing performance from Thomas Dennis… a breathtaking display of emotional and technical bravura”

The Wee Review

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‘tense, claustrophobic… powerfully poignant’

Three Weeks

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British Theatre Guide

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Fringe Review

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‘Disturbingly violent experience… compelling… this is an important show’

The List

What audiences said

“utterly compelling”   David Edgar

“exceptional”   Dominic Cavendish

“superb…terrifying”   Henry Porter

‘One of the best things I have seen at the Fringe this year. Immersive and gripping right up to the end. I almost felt as if I had flown a mission by the time I came out.’

‘electrifying performance by Thomas Dennis. This needs to be added to your ‘not to be missed’ list.’

‘An absolute masterpiece! So emotional, so moving. Thomas Dennis is magnificent. That story needs to be told and to be seen! A harrowing journey. Thank you’

‘To be honest I wasn’t sure if this was going to be my thing but gave it a chance and so glad I did. Such a powerful show and @TheThomasDennis performance was remarkable!’

‘Wireless Operator is tense, and moving, and has some wonderful moments of humanity shining through.’

‘Wireless Operator is an important play – go see it. You won’t be disappointed.’

‘110% recommend, Thomas Dennis performance is outstanding with an incredible set design by Kit Line. Such an important message on veteran’s mental health, go see it!!’

‘Thought provoking, intense and emotional. This is Edinburgh Fringe at its best. Simply, a must see.’

‘Wireless Operator is an excellent production which should be on a ‘must see’ list at this year’s Fringe. It is based on the real experiences of a World War 2 Lancaster Bomber Wireless Operator. It captures the tension, danger and incredible stress which young airmen faced. As Bomber Command had a 45% mortality rate many knew they might not return alive.’